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The Market will provide various on site Community Events and Outreach Activities. Questions and Suggestions are encouraged to be asked from our customers with responses by either farmers or the on site Market Manager.

If you are an artist, performer, or community educational service please join our Market by filling out our application.

Click Here to Download Community ApplicationBFMcommunity2018.pdf

The mission of the Billerica Farmers Market is to provide members of the community a place to purchase fresh, local produce and goods directly from farmers and producers in a congenial atmosphere.  To provide farmers and producers a direct market for their produce and goods.  To support local agriculture and producers.  To educate our community about eating healthfully, to educate residents about maintaining a healthy environment, and the importance of sustainable agriculture.  To provide a social experience that helps build community and enhances the quality of life in Billerica.​

The Objectives of the Billerica Farmers Market is to have produce grown on Massachusetts or New England area farms.  Ideally, produce will be grown organically or using Integrated Pest Management. It will be free of genetically modified organisms (GMO)'s (Including corn syrup).

Prepared foods shall be trans-fat free and ideally made from at least 25% local seasonal ingredients.

There will be transparent communications on all sides, i.e.:

  • From farmers regarding their farming practices and the origins of the food they are selling.
  • From prepared food vendors regarding ingredients and expiration dates.
  • Complying with Market rules.

The market will provide a table to educate the public on the above objectives.

Questions are encouraged to be asked from our customers with responses by either farmers or Market Manager on site.

Some of our vendors accept WIC coupons or Senior coupons for fresh vegetables only.  EBT/SNAP benefits are accepted for eligible food.